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November 9, 2010
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Nikita (Nih-Kee-Ta)

Species: Jumping Dridder
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Height: 35 feet
Exoskeleton color: Grey with dark grey stripes
Skin color: Fair
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Other characteristics: Long hair. Normally wears a dark grey tunic, belt with pouches and a 12 foot inward curved knife attached, and goggles. Has tattoos.  

Nikita the jumping dridder is pretty small by Felarya standards despite being fully grown, standing at thirty-five feet tall. Her upper body is comparable to that of a sixteen year old with, long brown hair and green eyes. Her spider half is a light grey with darker stripes on her legs, and abdomen. The same dark grey coloration covers the bottom side of her thorax. Oddly enough she has tattoos which she had made for her by a human name Marcus. They consist of red "fang" tattoos below her eyes, a band made up of triangles on each of her upper arms and a intricate tattoo below and between her breasts. She plans on eventually getting more added to the tattoo on her chest, but the she was sore for quite some time after receiving what she has there already. Also she tends to wear clothes most of the time. A dark gray tunic, a belt with several pouches attached to it, and goggles. All of which were crafted by the human adventurers she lives with. Lastly she has a weapon, a twelve foot inward curved knife which she wears on her belt.

Nikita was born and lived in the Dridder's forest north of the Kjol cliffs. Being very curious from the start: she soon began exploring much of the area she lived in while she honed her hunting techniques on small prey. Many dridders of the area would get surprised or even amused by the tiny cheerful dridder as she suddenly would spring from a tree or foliage and land on them. However her little adventures had a few close calls when she was chased by harpies, though with her agility and skill and jumping she managed to escape capture and hide each time. This was enough to get the attention of Kyra, a dridder who acted as a baby sitter in that region of the Dridder forest. While Nikita generally enjoyed the company of her kind, she was not too happy about being restricted. Kyra attempted to keep Nikita close by to keep her out of danger, but this didn't stop the tiny jumping dridder from sneaking off. Even wrapping her silk: Nikita managed to eat her way through it. Kyra finally resigned herself and accepted that the jumping dridder had a adventurous spirit, however she did teach the her some basic survival techniques.

So began Nikita's exploration. At first she stayed near the Dridder forest but over time she began to venture beyond it. Shes seen humans from afar, but at the age of 5 she finally built up enough courage to see one up close near the city of Negav. The human as he was taking a break within the barrier of the Isolon Eye almost immediately noticed the dridder looking at him from behind some leaves on a low hanging branch. The dridder immediately took cover, knowing her kind eats humans but to her surprise the human began to beckon her closer. Not feeling threatened by the six foot tall dridder, he introduced himself as Yuri Nikalavich a former special forces soldier and survivalist. As the two began to interact: Nikita grew much more interested in the human as he began to tell her his story of survival after he ended up in Felarya years ago from a world called Earth. She was curious to why he seemed so calm talking to a predator, as well with the strange tube he carried around and liked his funny accent. The two made a agreement to meet in that spot and over time the dridder was won over by Yuri, especially after he brought her a cloak from Negav. The bond was secured even more when Yuri fell into a concealed pitfall dug by predator outside of the Isolon Eye's barrier. Immediately Yuri tossed up a grappling hook and began climbing out, but to his surprise Nikita lowered herself into the hole with a web harness and helped him up. Ever since then the two have been very close friends. Yuri even gave Nikita the nickname, "Pehreel" which means lively in his native language.

Over the years the two traveled together almost constantly the young dridder becoming more and more attatched to Yuri as time went by. Trying new foods he brought to her from Negav was a bonus for her, and being able to travel a bit more safely in the harsh world of Felarya when she began to grow more was a bonus for him. Eventually the two discovered a underground ruin south east of the Ascarlin mountains. Eventually the two discovered a underground ruin south east of the Ascarlin mountains. Already looted by adventurers: the subterranean structure proved to be quite sturdy and Yuri decided to begin the process of converting it into a home base. Using his contacts in Negav he began to organize people who shared his interest, and slowly work started to begin on the ruin. Most of the people were wary or even hostile towards Nikita at first but over time they began to get used to the dridder. During the construction: Nikita was given the task of surveying the surrounding area. During this time she met and befriended many of the dryads living in the area. Every now and then she would get a glimpse of a white succubus leaving the Ascarlin mountains. Unknown to Nikita at the time: the succubus was none other than Iridian. One day close to the Misty Glade she was ambushed by a massive blue sphinx, who couldn't help but find the little dridder adorable. The sphinx introduced herself as Indigo a student at the Academy of Sentinels, and appointed herself as Nikita's honorary mentor. She clearly saw the little dridder needed more training.

Normally the dridder avoided nagas, as she was told they were natural enemies to dridders by her kind. Though one day she came upon a young naga smaller than herself in danger. The naga had light blue skin and was cornered by a group of human hunters, it was apparent she was injured by them as well. Feeling a sense of pity for the unfortunate naga: Nikita acted without thinking of the consequences. Springing down behind the naga she quickly picked her up and sprang over the group of hunters. However she took a couple bullets in her abdomen in the process. Fleeing to a safe location she assured the seemingly emotionless naga she was safe, however she passed out from her injuries. When she awoke she felt a cold sensation on her abdomen as she looked up and noticed the naga has frozen the area over her wounds. Somewhat surprised the naga decided to stay with a natural enemy Nikita asked her name. She introduced herself as Aniya, a Ice naga. And with the uttering, "I like you..." an unusual friendship between naga and dridder was formed. Over the years these two had each others back as they traveled together around the region. Nikita introduced the ice naga to Yuri, however the decision of letting the naga stay at the ruin was rejected due to complaints from the workers.
Nikita protested at first but Aniya understood and agreed rather quickly, mentioning that shes consumed humans already at her age. However she did promise to Yuri not to harm any of Nikita's friends and kept it admirably. Eventually after fifteen years the conversion of the ruin into a self sustaining base was finished, the installation of a sliding metal door marking its completion.

Over time more and more people made the base their home. Ranging from humans, nekos and elves of all backgrounds. To now fully grown Nikita this was her home, even if the people who lived there didn't trust her she proved herself that she was no danger to them time and time again. However seeing Aniya consume humans several times when she visited her, she slowly felt the urge within her grow. Aniya noticed this and one fateful day the ice naga tricked the dridder. Inciting Nikita into yelling after Aniya teased the dridder about her bust size, the ice naga shoved a captive human into the dridder's open mouth. Nikita gagged and tried spitting the struggling human up but with a casual poke in the neck from Aniya she couldn't help but swallow. Furious at her friend initially, her opinion changed as she realized she really liked the taste. Keeping this secret from Yuri and the people of the base: Nikita began to regularly hunt humans for a while. However Yuri eventually found out when he noticed the dridder was acting suspiciously, until he finally caught her in the act. Nikita was horrified when Yuri found out, and almost immediately begged for forgiveness. The human just shook his head and said he had a feeling this day would come. He forgave the dridder: accepting the grim food chain of Felarya, but warned if she ate anyone at the base she would be banished under pain of death. Nikita seriously cut back her consumption of sentient prey after that. Chastised by many at the base at first, Yuri managed to get the people to forgive her nature and reassured them that she was safe to anyone living there. It took some time but most of the people finally accepted the fact.

At the time Yuri created a adventurer group called the Spetz, named after his old military unit on Earth called the Spetsnaz. He trained them employing the tactics of the Spetsnaz and Nikita was more than happy to help with the training as a form of redemption. Having a predator to train with proved invaluable to the Spetz, and eventually the trust in the dridder by the people grew. Nikita also gathered material and food for the base as another form of redemption. On several occasions she would return with orphaned children she found in the wilds, one of these orphans was named Rosie which Nikita took a liking to. However it was one sided as Rosie would flee from the dridder at first. after a couple years Rosie finally worked up enough courage to interact with Nikita which delighted the dridder thoroughly. Since then Rosie began to see the dridder as sort of a big sister, and spent much time playing with her. Fairly recently Nikita gained her first nemesis: a traveling Clobbersaurus she refers to as Iggy, who seems to take much pleasure in punching the dridder. Eventually after a lot of consideration Nikita was officially accepted as a member of the Spetz.

Likes:Everyone at the base, her friends, exploring, being praised, and playing with Rosie.  

Dislikes:Anyone who threatens her friends, having ice dropped down her shirt, and Iggy.

Nikita is kind of a tomboy with a lot of self confidence in her skill as a adventurer. And completes tasks given to her by the Spetz with much gusto, if not to please Yuri. She has somewhat of a crush on Yuri after spending so much time with him, unfortunately he sees Nikita more as a daughter. She simply adores Rosie and would do anything for the seven year old girl. Rosie knows this and tends to exploit it. Shes very kind to everyone at the base, treating them as her family. Though she can get flustered very easily, especially when it comes to Aniya's teasing. She does have a bad temper when angered, and usually she has take a few breathes before calming down. She also have a mischievous side: after cutting back on eating humans she began to ambush adventurers at times and pull them into a hug from behind. Often saying, "You're a newbie aren't you?" or "I could have eaten you a hundred times by now." before releasing them. She often uses the word, "Anyways..." to change the subject.

Nikita usually uses ambush tactics to catch her prey. Normally stalking and pouncing on it when it least suspects it. She also sometimes uses a web harness to launch herself from a branch and snatch up prey below her. Non-sentient prey, and fruit make up most of her diet, though after being force fed a human by Aniya shes developed a taste for humans as well. However she tries her best to keep that urge under control, however if a human attacks her or even draws their weapon at times she considers them fair game. Even if the latter is more of a excuse. Her throat is quite stretchy and she could easily swallow prey, that would be impossible to swallow if it wasn't for that fact. Because of her size she doesn't need to eat very often. For example: a single human or duiker is more than enough to sustain her for the entire day. She also likes cooked food every now and then, and particularly enjoys sweets if available. Like other dridders she can inject digestive enzymes into larger prey and suck out their insides, however shes not very fond of this way of eating. Also to note she doesn't mind if her prey is already dead when she consumes it, unlike many of the other predators of Felarya.
Mreh finally a bio for Nikita, actually first character bio on DA.

The grandmaster cast bio would just simply take too long... :dead:

Felarya belongs to :iconkarbo:

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Billyblue999 Jan 16, 2011  Student Digital Artist
But if she beats up Iggy she will have to deal with the other koopalings as well!
Tora044 Jan 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe well Iggy is actually well outside where most clobbersauruses live. He's kind of a traveling one.
Interesting bio.

I really like seeing her.
Tora044 Nov 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh thank you very much. :)
Tarturus Nov 9, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good to see a bio of your character.
Tora044 Nov 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much. :)
Well Nikita sounds like a bit of the fun loving type... I'd say Raffle will probably love her
Tora044 Nov 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh probably, Nikita loves visiting her dryad friends. Well partially to hear news through the dryad network. XD
hmmm I wonder if a dryad has to put another one on the network on... does musak play?
luke112 Nov 9, 2010  Student General Artist
nice now i learn more of my favorite driddler...who one day crashs into after getting falcon punched by anna.though i can see where shes cmeing from taking some bullets to resuce some who's in danger even if they're natrual enimeis.(i know my spelling sucks but i frezzing and keyboard is not coorperating right now)
Mac:yeah i've been there.took few .50's to the chest hurt like hell and created craters the size of dinner plates in my armor, and i had to be hospitalized for a few weeks to recover.
Nikolia: well i can safely say that you and i should spar time to time if you want to train, to get iggy,well me for his strengh,pocco for his speed.manage to ko that both of us then you can finally get iggy.just make sure you decided what kind of dish you want him to be when you get him.
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